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Tox Parties

Terms and Conditions

Let’s reserve your spot for our exclusive in-house tox parties! We can’t wait to welcome you and your friends to this special event. Take advantage of special event pricing for all services and enjoy discounts on skincare products. Indulge in complimentary food and drinks as well!
To confirm your party reservation, you must provide a $200 deposit, which we will credit toward the host’s treatment. Call (240) 357-9772 or email [email protected] to inquire!

It is a reservation for you (the host) to invite your friends and family to enjoy a minimum of three hours at Halo Med Spa and IV Bar. Bring your friends and enjoy services at a discount. You can get neurotoxin treatments, which is where it gets its name, or you can get anything you want to help you achieve your goals.

Call 240.357.9772 to book your event time. This is the time where your party will have Halo and its Provider and treatment services at your will. The office is closed except to your party.

There is a $200 reservation fee that will be applied toward Host Treatments once the party reaches $1000 in total sales. If the party does not reach $1000 in total sales, the reservation fee will be forfitted.

Next, let all your friends and family know about your party! Invite them all!

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided at the date and time of the event.

That’s it– we do the rest!!

HOST BENEFITS : 30% off services pre purchased or received at the night of the event. Earn $100 towards medical grade skincare for every $1500 of total party value.

GUEST BENEFITS : 15% off services and skincare products. If the Party Guest brings a friend & that friend spends >$500 in services or product the host and the guest will receive $50 voucher towards services at Halo within the next 3 months!

Once everyone arrives we will start our consultation processes.

Each person will have a one-on-one consultation with one of our providers, a treatment plan to reach each attendee’s goals will be addressed in private. We may choose to start the treatments that day, or we may choose to have the patient return to start treatment another day.

Disucssion, education, and demo’s will be done on a requested bases as feasable.

If you and your provider decide to defer treatment to another day, that’s okay! You will have the oppurtunity to pre-pay at discounted rate to assure any discounts are applicable. Then we will schedule for the treatment on a day that is better suited.

If your guest cannot make it that event day that’s okay! From the moment the party is reserved, until the end of the party on the day of the event treatments or purchases associated with the party will be credited to the party as total party sales. Your guest arriving before the party getting treatements will have discounts applied as if they were at the event. Be sure to let your guests know that they are with your party; they will get the discount and you will get the credit.

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